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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
An online module is a great method for delivering content for subjects that are mandatory and / or compliance related.
In many industries, colleagues are required to complete mandatory training on an annual basis (but the content rarely changes). Delivering the training online rather than in a classroom reduces costs and can provide immediate reporting. This module introduces colleagues to PPE and includes activities & learning checks. The information sourced from reporting can then be used for onsite competency assessments.

Australia and World War 2
We have a rich history which must be preserved for future generations.
I designed this module to appeal to all ages. It tells a story of the brave souls who fought to protect our freedom during world war 2. It looks at the sacrifices made, the various battles Australia had involvement in and the amazing stories of heroism.

The Samurai
The Samurai has long intrigued me with the mystery, adventure and eventual loss of these warriors from another time. The module introduces and discusses their origins, the daimyo, preferred weapons, famous battles and much more. 

Pearl Harbor 1941
On the morning of December 7th 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. It was a surprise attack which caught the United States off guard.
From this moment on, the USA was now a key player in world war 2. This module does not enter into the conspiracies surrounding this dreadful day; it simply highlights how Japan attacked, why, the people who became heroes in a matter of hours and of course; what happened.

What's the time?
I built this module to help my kids learn how to read a clock and  explain how time is measured. Often when we say "half past", "quarter to" or "that should only take about 10 minutes!"; kids really don't understand what this means. They're unable to make sense of what you're saying. 
Well this module changes that. At the end they can print out their very own certificate and after each lesson and learning check; I included an activity to get them out of their seat. Engagement is half the challenge!